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Welcome to the new Promo News!

Welcome to the new Promo News!

David Knight - 19th June 2013

It's the dawning of a new era!

Welcome to the new Promo News, and our exciting new, upgraded and hopefully greatly improved new website.

Now, as well as continuing to provide that daily feed of new music video creativity and production news, we've waved goodbye to our former trusty blog format to add new sections, and new features. And there's more to come.

Here's some of the features that you'll find on the new Promo News from today, and some more that will arrive in the coming weeks:

Profile pages: every production credit on every video is now linked to a profile page, and all credited individuals and companies have their own pages.

• New music video categories: you can watch videos by music genre and video creative style (eg, Narrative, Comedy, Performance)

YouTube/Vimeo viewers: current viewing data now visible with each video featured on the site.

Comments! Yes, they're back on Promo News, with a new system via Facebook. 

Video submissions: videos and credit information submitted via a new online form.

New editorial features, including playlists.

New weekly round-up newsletter.

• Coming soon:  The Call Sheet, where users can filter a search for an individual or company by type (eg Art Direction, Editorial, Production).

• Coming soon: Promo News Membership, where you can control and enhance your Profile on the website.

The new version of Promo is built on a platform where we can add more features and functionality, aimed especially at benefiting those involved in music video production. But there's also still a lot of work to be done in cleaning up the glitches and duplication that comes with migrating all that content and data from our old site to the new one. We'll be focussing on that too in the coming weeks.  

And obviously you can help. If you're a music video professional that has more than one profile in the new site, and want us to consolidate into one profile, please let us know via the new site’s Feedback button, by letting us know your preferred profile page. This should ideally be the one containing the lion’s share of video credits, and then we will move all your other credits into that profile.

Any other feedback about the new site is also welcome too, of course, via the button or by emailing me directly. So enjoy the new Promo News. It's an exciting moment for the small and very hardworking Promo News team - and there's more to come! DK





David Knight - 19th June 2013


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