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Able&Baker launches at Park Village as successor to Shameless

Able&Baker launches at Park Village as successor to Shameless

Promo News - 6th June 2013

A new music video production outfit is launching today (June 6th) at Park Village in London: Able & Baker becomes the new home of music videos at the venerable commercials company and legendary studio, taking over from Shameless, with a range of new international talent featuring on its inaugural roster.

Taking their name from the two monkeys called Abel and Baker who were launched into space at the beginning of the ‘space race’ in the 1950s, Able&Baker has added Remy Cayuela, Cedric Blaisbois and Jim Demuth to the roster which also includes former Shameless directors Mattias Erik Johansson, Jack Driscoll & Franklyn Banks. The outfit is headed by executive producer Joe Walker, who has been head of videos at Shameless since the start of the year.

Remy Cayuela (who is repped in France by Frenzy) completed his first job with the company last month out in the LA deserts, a Tarantino-inflected morality tale for Dinosaur Pile Up’s Derail (below) with an unexpected lead acting turn from labelmate Diana Vickers.

Fellow Frenchman Cedric Blaisbois adds Able&Baker to growing list of international representatives alongside Doomsday in the US & Rods in France. His videos for Houratron and Ed Banger’s Mr Flash have established his penchant for macabre and stylish provocation, underlined with his recent promo for Raveyards’ Together We Play.

Formerly at Vice, Jim Demuth is a documentary-maker who, with producer partner Posy Dixon, was able to convert the doc format into compelling music video content with the promo for Django Django’s WOR, revealing the lives of stunt-drivers on the terrifyingly rickety wall of death in Allahabad, India.

The company’s inaugural music video directors’ roster includes former Shameless directors Mattias Erik Johansson, Jack Driscoll & Franklyn Banks. Meanwhile Franklyn Banks’s latest video – an immersive study into the lives of a group of Hackney-based UFO hunters – will go live next week and will be the first video to be released under the Able&Baker imprint.

Alexa Haywood at Free Agent UK continues to represent all directors on the roster, with the exception of Remy Cayuela who remains with Marisa Garner at MGA for music videos in the UK. And Able&Baker celebrated it’s opening last night (June 5th) with a launch party at Park Village’s iconic Camden Town-based studios – featuring a combination of ping-pong and burlesque.

“We’ve tried to put together a roster that reflects the diversity the music video format now enjoys and equips us to make stylish content across the broadest spread of commissions,” says Joe Walker. “I’m incredibly proud of the range of talents we have on the line up so far and we have a couple more exciting announcements in the pipeline.”

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Promo News - 6th June 2013


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