David Knight - 22nd Jan 2013

Tony_T_DATISTony T Datis, the Paris-based director of videos for Foreign Beggars, Noisia, Modeselector, Skrillex and Katy Perry, has signed with London-based production company 15 Badgers for commercials and music video representation in the UK. Director of VFX-infused narrative videos, including Modeselector ft Thom Yorke's Shipwreck, and Skrillex's First Of The Year (Equinox) – nominated for Short Form Music Video at the 2012 Grammy Awards – in the past year he has helmed the the hugely popular promo for Katy Perry's Wide Awake, and two more Skrillex videos, for Bangarang and for Make It Bun Dem. Based at HK Corp in France, Tony says he "is very proud to be a Badger [in the UK] and is looking forward to working in the UK commercials market." Tony T Datis showreel

David Knight - 22nd Jan 2013

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