David Knight - 18th Jan 2013

Devendra Banhart's 'Baby' by Ron WinterRon Winter, director of videos for the likes of The Rapture, Devendra Banhart, TV on the Radio, MGMT, Priestbird and Babyshambles, has joined New York-based director Ghost Robot. Ron's eclectic graphic approach combines live action, special effects and animation to create entertaining videos like his stoner-Greek myth epic for Priestbird's Diamond and his edited-stills video for Shocking Pinks' Emily. And among his film and television credits, Ron has animated iconic opening pieces ranging from James Bond: Quantum of Solace to the 2008 Beijing Olympics. Meanwhile, Ron also launched the Ron Winter drum kit in 2009, which, as Ghost Robot explain, became "an instant internet viral time-wasting sensation" receiving up to 60,000 internet hits per day. Ron will be represented for music videos in the US and UK by Jen Herrera at Las Bandas Be Brave. Ron Winter showreel.

David Knight - 18th Jan 2013

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