David Knight - 26th Nov 2012

Nearly three years ago, longstanding video facility Vanderquest started HardingTest.com, enabling producers to ensure that their music videos and commercials fall within TV guidelines regarding the use of flashing images. Now Vanderquest has launched a fully automatic Harding Test service which runs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week - and is offering Promo News readers the chance to check out the service for free.

Everything broadcast on TV in the UK, Japan and an increasing number of other countries has to pass the Harding Test. This detects flashing images and patterns that could trigger seizures in sufferers of photosensitive epilepsy, a condition that affects approximately one in four thousand people, in which seizures are triggered by visual stimuli that form patterns, such as flashing lights, bold regular patterns, or regular moving patterns.

The test was developed by Cambridge Research Systems (based on research by Dr Graham Harding), and many broadcasters now require a Harding Test pass certificate with video submissions - making the service provided by Hardingtest.com so important. Now it's easier and more convenient than ever to submit a video to the Harding Test - and get a result.
"We were starting to receive an increasing number of requests from users abroad who wanted to Harding test footage and get results quickly which, due to time differences, was proving difficult," explains Oli Maingay from Vanderquest.

"There was also a demand from producers who were in the middle of post-production, or even on shoots, who wanted to test certain lighting patterns to make sure they would pass when the video ultimately reached broadcasters. With this new service they can log in, upload footage and have a Harding test certificate emailed back immediately."
The service is live now, and Vanderquest are offering Promo News readers a free test to promote its launch. Users who register at www.HardingTest.com by December 7th and enter the Promotion Code 'HTPNEWS' will automatically receive a Harding test for a video of up to five minutes in duration added to their account, worth over £40. This offer is limited to one per company or individual, and is for use by December 31st 2012.

David Knight - 26th Nov 2012

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