David Knight - 19th Nov 2012

The video was premiered at The Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles (MOCA) last week (November 2012), and released online on the museum's new YouTube channel MOCAtv (one of fourteen new channels that comprise the new YouTube initiative YouTube Education), and ahead of the release of Björk's new remix album Bastards.

The film shows Björk conducting a swirling symphony of coloured sand symbolising shifting tectonic plates - while being buried waste-deep in sand herself. She's surrounded by floating elemental beings that sensually morph into each other through explosive volcanic reactions - an eyecatching combination of geology and sex...

Now Andrew - who graduated with a degree in Fine Art and Animation from the University of Southern California - has now signed to Blink for commercials, and to Colonel Blimp for music videos, and White Lodge for fashion film representation in the UK.

David Knight - 19th Nov 2012

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