David Knight - 20th June 2012

A couple of years ago Lucy Needs directed a one-shot video for Slow Club featuring actor Mackenzie Crook. Now for her latest video for the Sheffield duo, she's done the some thing with another top British movie actor - a very famous one indeed.

It's Daniel Radcliffe, who gives an intense performance that's more Woman In Black than Harry Potter in the video for Beginners. He wakes up to find himself in a pub, the morning after what was clearly a very heavy night, and cuts a tormented figure as he wanders through the pub, and in and out of lip-syncing the track, and resuming his drinking...

There was an element of fate about Daniel's involvement, in that Lucy sent him the script, then they had a phone conversation about it - and then they happened to meet by chance - in a bar. After the ensuing conversation, the actor was on board for the shoot, which took place at the Faltering Fullback pub in Finsbury Park in London. "From my perspective, I just wanted to keep it really simple and let Dan do the rest," Lucy says.


David Knight - 20th June 2012

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David Knight - 20th June 2012

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