David Knight - 10th June 2012

DANIELS won the Music Video award at the Vimeo Festival + Awards 2012 for their video for Manchester Orchestra's Simple Math - and the directing duo comprised of Daniel Kwan and Dan Scheinert also won the Honorary Award for New Creators at the awards ceremony in New York City on June 7th.

The Simple Math video pipped Sean Pecknold's video for Fleet Foxes' The Shrine/An Argument, Apache by Oneedo, and the Megaforce-directed video for Is Tropical's The Greeks for the Music Video award - the latest in numerous honours won by the video since its completion last year, including Video of the Year at the UK Music Video Awards last October.

The Music Video award was one of 13 awards presented at the awards show that kicked the Vimeo Festival + Awards 2012, with categories ranging from animation, fashion, extreme sports, advertising and more.

More information on the Awards winners and the Vimeo Festival that followed the awards show here.

David Knight - 10th June 2012

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