David Knight - 16th Mar 2012

Jonny Kight has signed to Short Films - shortly after directing a film for Hudson Shoes, featuring the music of Baxter Dury, and the girl with the pink hair - singer Madelaine Hart (above).

Baxter Dury's Hotel In Brixton is the soundtrack to his Hudson Shoes film, where Madelaine Hart (who sings on the track) dances on a rooftop. Jonny has also directed fashion films for Purified and Edwin IDWP, and also recently completed the experimental dance film Jane & Adam.

"I referenced the Robert Longo 'Men In Cities' book and wanted to recapture the energy in the photos and put them into movement," says Jonny, of the Hudson Shoes film. "Madelaine was great diving straight in performing to a couple to a couple of tracks, I just rigged up a camera on my shoulder and watched her dance."

David Knight - 16th Mar 2012

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