David Knight - 8th Mar 2012

News of the death of Peter Stenhouse, the hugely talented animator who was a member of the London-based directing team Dirty UK, has shocked his former colleagues in the music video world, who have only recently learned of his tragic death.

Peter drowned while swimming off the coast of La Coruna Province in Spain last August. He was 30. The New Zealander - a seasoned and inveterate traveller of the world - was living in Madrid at the time, although still largely working in London with 59 Productions, directing animation for 59's work for theatrical productions and other live shows.

Following the breakup of Dirty UK, and between his bike treks around the world, he began working for 59 Productions in London, immediately making telling contributions to some major theatrical and operatic productions. His first commission was as lead animator on a project for the 125th anniversary of the Metropolitan Opera House in New York - an animated interpretation of the Chagall painting The Triumph Of Music, set to the overture of Mozart's Magic Flute.

"Pete was a remarkably talented guy, highly creative and totally free spirited," says Dirty UK colleague Andy Brassington. "He had a really pure heart and will be sadly missed by so many people. He was an inspirational character."

Andy Brassington adds: "My favourite quote of Peter's - after a job with Smirnoff was going tits-up, and the agency were getting shitty - was: 'Don't worry, there are plenty of other people out there we haven't pissed off yet!' Always looking on the bright side!!" 

An impromptu event to celebrate the life of Peter Stenhouse will be held at the Crown & Goose pub in Delancey Street, London, NW1, next Friday, March 16th.

59 Productions tribute to Peter Stenhouse here

More Peter Stenhouse work here

David Knight - 8th Mar 2012

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