David Knight - 22nd Feb 2012

But now Ross Anderson has made the bold move from label commissioner to production company boss. He has established his own production outfit called Nice & Polite - a company set up with a roster of talent and a production ethic designed to address the range of needs of the music business, and beyond.

Nice & Polite has also signed top fashion photographer Matthew Donaldson for moving image work - and the company recently produced two films directed by Donaldson, both for Louis Vuitton and Nowness.com.

This diverse, multi-disciplinary roster reflects Ross Anderson's vision for the company to represent individuals from various disciplines - filmmakers to designers, programmers and 3D designers to photographers, even writers and artists - who can work together to provide full-service marketing solutions for music artists.

"We've tried to put together a roster that's extremely diverse, so there's something for everyone - FX people on the one hand, to a purist photographer and filmmaker like Paul Gore on the other," says Anderson. "The world is changing very fast, and as the way people consume visual media today has evolved rapidly, there's more need for exciting content than ever. It's about embracing the new world with these creative people."

He argues that the increasing number of elements to any music marketing campaign - artwork, music video, online, commercials, poster ads, photography, and more - has strengthened the need for a cohesive approach.

"It's bringing almost an ad agency ideal to music. Rather than one person doing the video, one person doing the artwork, and so on, an ad agency would make a campaign that had synergy, which would make the brand stronger. Bringing that to music seems like a good idea."

With his knowledge of the workings of the label side, Anderson understands just how "last minute, unplanned and scattergun" the creation of a music video can be. He believes there is a need and a willingness by the labels to engage in this idea of going to a one-stop shop for music video, virals, commercials, poster ads, photography, online, and more.

"When you look at the best campaigns they have that sense of cohesion - usually because they're led by a strong artist, like a Madonna or a Radiohead. "But it works practically as much as it does creatively. This can work to combine the overall cost of a campaign, and to make sure the creative is all coming from the same core concept."

Nice & Polite projects currently in production include music videos for Jagga/Devlin (Luke & Barber), Rifles (Ivan Ogilvie), Laidback Luke (Steve Glashier), Subways (Blake Claridge) and Army Of The Universe (Stephen Agnew). The company has also just completed a series of TVCs for Michael Kiwanuka's debut album, and are now working on a TV ad for Madonna.

That's not all. "We have film and TV projects in development, and are in talks about the launch of an interactive TV/online channel," adds Ross, who's enjoying the freedom from the major label environment to work on his own vision. "It felt a good time to make the move and utilise my ability as a scout and manager of creative talent to create content that fills the need in this exciting new market."

Nice & Polite website

David Knight - 22nd Feb 2012

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