David Knight - 22nd Nov 2011

"Everybody fights, nobody quits" - Barry Wasserman

Bronx-born and larger-than-life, the original 'Film Warrior' has been the commanding presence on numerous ambitious and challenging music video productions - and therefore a pivotal figure in making the UK a world-class centre for music videos - and movies from Nic Roeg's The Witches to Olly Blackburn's Donkey Punch. For his immense contribution to the industry, Barry was presented with an Outstanding Achievement Award at UK Music Video Awards 2011 by his longtime colleague and friend WIZ on November 8th.

A film was shown at the MVAs that pays tribute to the man himself - and here's a slightly longer cut than was shown at the MVAs, which includes messages from the likes of Nick Cave, Dizzie Rascal, Will Young, Kasabian, John Hillcoat, David Slade, John Hardwick, Ben and Joe Dempsey, and others.

Several of Barry's friends were involved in the making of this film - with special credit going to the sterling work of editor Owen Oppenheimer.

David Knight - 22nd Nov 2011

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David Knight - 10th Nov 2011

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