David Knight - 27th Oct 2011

The UK Music Video Awards is delighted to announce that Adam Buxton will host the UK Music Video Awards 2011 ceremony on November 8th, at The Empire Leicester Square.

It's the third time in four years that Adam - comedian, DJ, half of Adam & Joe, host of BUG, and special guest host of Never Mind The Buzzcocks this week - has presented the UK Music Video Awards.

Fronting the first and second UKMVA ceremonies in 2008 and '09, Adam regaled the awards-goers with his custom-made MVA award "stingles" and video messages from his favourite pop stars.

His association with music videos has been stronger than ever this past year, presenting numerous editions of BUG: The Evolution Of Music Video in London and around the country - most recently in Manchester last night (Oct 26) - and also signing with Colonel Blimp to direct videos.

Adam was also the special guest host of Never Mind the Buzzcocks this week, shoehorning items familiar to fans of BUG into the long-running pop quiz-comedy show. He's written about the experience on his blog, as well as revealing that he's back on Twitter.

More inspired appreciation of the art and creativity of British music video can be anticipated when Adam hosts the fourth annual UK Music Video Awards show. In an exclusive interview with Promo News, Adam declares: "I'm very excited to be part of the MVAs, and will do my best to ensure this year's prizegiving passes in under five hours with the minimum of physical violence."

The UK Music Video Awards 2011 takes place at the Empire, Leicester Square in London on November 8th. Tickets are available now via the UKMVA website - download ticket booking forms here. Details of the aftershow party - taking place close to The Empire - will be announced early next week.

David Knight - 27th Oct 2011

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