David Knight - 31st Aug 2011

Judging for the UK Music Video Awards 2011 has now begun.

Invitations are currently being sent out to hundreds of UK music video professionals to participate in first round judging for the UK MVAs 2011 as MVA Jury Members - which includes details on how to access the UK MVA judging platform hosted by BEAM, now ready and open for business.

All the entries from 23 best video and technical achievement MVA categories are uploaded to the judging platform, and in this first round of judging - which takes place from now until Wednesday September 14th - Jury Members are being asked to judge all the entries in a single category (in most cases).

Jury Members will be asked to select their six favourite works in the category (or categories) they are judging, and the most popular selections will go on to the second stage of judging, when panels of industry professionals will meet to debate and pick each MVA winner. All the entries for best music ad, live music coverage and the innovation award will be also judged at this stage.

First round judging must end on Wednesday September 14th, as the second round panels will begin the following week.

Following the completion of all judging, the nominations for the UK Music Video Awards 2011 will be announced on October 12th, and the show itself takes place at the Empire, Leicester Square in London on November 8th.

More information on the UKMVAs 2011 - and how to book tickets - is available at ukmva.com.

David Knight - 31st Aug 2011

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