David Knight - 17th Aug 2011

There are now just three days left to enter work in most of the awards categories at the UK Music Video Awards 2011, the premiere awards show for music video creativity in Britain and beyond, taking place at the Empire Leicester Square on November 8th.

This includes fifteen Best Video awards, with each music genre - Pop, Dance, Indie/Rock, Alternative and Urban - each offering three awards: one for UK, international and budget videos. Here are all the Best Video categories at the UK MVAs 2011.

Best Pop Video _ UK
Best Pop Video _ International
Best Pop Video _ Budget

Best Dance Video _ UK
Best Dance Video _ International
Best Dance Video _ Budget

Best Indie/Rock Video _ UK
Best Indie/Rock Video _ International
Best Indie/Rock Video _ Budget

Best Alternative Video _ UK
Best Alternative Video _ International
Best Alternative Video _ Budget

Best Urban Video _ UK
Best Urban Video _ International
Best Urban Video _ Budget

To be eligible for an international award all these key roles will be filled by non-UK individuals and the work commissioned by non-UK label.

To be eligible for a budget award, the video has to have been made for £2000 or its equivalent, and is open to UK and international submissions.

To enter a video go to ukmva.com, where there are also full guidelines, terms and conditions. All Best Video entries will also be automatically entered into the UK MVA 2011 Video of the Year award.

The final deadline to enter work is midnight BST, August 19th - this Friday.

Judging for the UK MVAs 11 begins shortly after the entry deadline, and the UK Music Video Awards 2011 takes place at the Empire Leicester Square on November 8th. Tickets are now on sale for the UK MVAs 2011 here.

David Knight - 17th Aug 2011

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