David Knight - 11th Feb 2011

They were previously inclined to remove their clothing in public places, but now indie's winsomest couple Matt and Kim are getting down to some action that even The Duke would be proud of: a good old fashioned beat-the-living-shit fist fight, brilliantly directed by Jonathan Del Gatto.

And here's why one certain TV network won't show it:

10:00:18 woman hit with mic stand
10:00:30 man punched in face then smacked with mic stand
10:00:39 man thrown onto boxes bloody head
10:00:47 woman kicks man
10:0052 man hits woman with chair
10:01:11 man headbutts woman blood sprays camera -post 9pm edit for post 7pm
10:01:29 man hit with maraca
10:01:37 woman hit with keyboard bloody wound falls into shelf
10:01:44 man knocked to carpet bloody
10:01:59 man thrown into drums
10:02:02 drum pedal into groin
10:02:07 woman punched in stomach
10:02:11 woman lands heavily
10:02:27 man hit with statue of liberty
10:02:33 woman hit in face with cymbal
10:02:42 woman kicked in stomach
10:02:48 close ups of bloody wounds
10:03:03 man punched in stomach
10:03:05 man punched in face
10:03:07 woman throws guitar hits man
10:03:08 fist fight
10:03:11 man punched in face
10:03:12 man punched in face
10:03:14 man kneed in balls
10:03:16 man punched in face
10:03:18 man hit with drum

David Knight - 11th Feb 2011

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