David Knight - 4th Jan 2011

Happy New Year from the team at Promo News - we sincerely hope you enjoy a very healthy and prosperous 2011.

As you can see here - we saw in the new year in style. In fact, we're still actually partying, celebrating the huge increase in traffic to Promo in 2010, and the number of pages viewed by visitors on the website broke through the one million barrier for the first time.

Promo clocked over 1.16 million page views in 2010 - nearly 65% up on 2009 - according to statistics provided by Wordpress (our publishing platform).

The stats on Google are if anything even more impressive: despite the fact our profile and status on Google was hacked and hijacked for over a month early last year, and we're missing traffic figures for that period, Google still registered over one million views - and over 650,000 unique visits.

More impressive traffic stats are available with the new Promo News ad ratecard, which is now here. Traffic is way up, but ad rates are still very reasonable - and (despite the VAT increase today) no VAT at all to pay.

David Knight - 4th Jan 2011

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