David Knight - 27th July 2010

There's been at least one previous video for Icelandic band FM Belfast's wonderful Underwear, which came out a couple of years ago. But then along comes this (presumably unofficial) version by a directing team known as Daniels - that's Daniel Scheinert and Dan Kwan.

It simply shows a few young people dancing - including the Dans themselves. But this is quite different from the music video norm: they are alone, they are drunk, and they don't look that marvellous (especially in slow motion). But like superheroes, each have their own unique thing going on - like their mental states are expressed through very canny visual effects.

It's rather brilliant. Daniels have now signed to Warp Films in the UK, and have something else coming up, for The Hundred In The Hands. Definitely ones to watch.

David Knight - 27th July 2010

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