David Knight - 26th July 2010

A great-looking, rivetingly destructive and very sexy video for Skunk Anansie's new single My Ugly Boy directed by Paul Street.
Skunk lead singer Skin takes her vintage BMW for a spin in a multi-storey carpark, imagining her sleazy, charismatic boyfriend's infidelities on the car's backseat, and taking her frustrations out on the car. There are echoes of Walter Hill's The Driver, and particularly JG Ballard's Crash - and it's a lot more 'auto-erotic' than the Cronenberg movie.
In short, it's hot stuff from Paul Street, making a rare diversion into promos from his commercial work. "I've been a fan of the bands work for a long time," he says. "I connected to the Ugly Boy track immediately - the idea and images for the video came right out of the lyrics, very quickly and subconsciously."

"I'm absolutely thrilled with Paul's Skunk Anansie video," says Adrian Harrison. "It was a challenge to pull off but a big credit to all who were involved in the making of it."

David Knight - 26th July 2010

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