David Knight - 9th Apr 2010

Manager, performer, impresario, self-publicist, shopowner, iconoclast, visionary. As John Lydon, his longtime adversary, instructs, we will miss him. The world is going to be a much duller place without Malcolm McLaren.

He will be remembered, of course, for the Sex Pistols, for engineering the success of the most exciting music since the invention of rock n roll itself.

He actually did much more than that. If you don't know his brilliant album Duck Rock - produced by Trevor Horn - then you need to. It's got Buffalo Gals on it...

And Double Dutch...

And then there's Madame Butterfly. Terence Donovan directed the video...

But of course, he was, first and foremost, the Great Rock N Roll Swindler. This, directed by Julien Temple (of course) from the movie, is iconic and still extraordinary.

To think he did all that. And not in a shy way. Malcolm did it his way alright. Johnny Rotten is right: he'll be greatly missed.

David Knight - 9th Apr 2010

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