David Knight - 1st Apr 2010

Following the stunning success of the Hot Chip video for I Feel Better, where the nerdy artrock outfit from Shoreditch are played by a photogenic young boyband, UK's leading boyband JLS will be played by a bunch of nerdy artrockers in their next video.

With the I Feel Better video directed by comedian Peter Serafinawicz hitting up to half a million hits on YouTube in the past ten days, there are unconfirmed rumours that JLS will ask Stephen Fry to direct the video of a bunch of geeks in big glasses throwing funny poses in front of rotating reflective orbs - but performing a slushy ballad composed by Diane Warren instead of some chin-stroking electro-pop.

As Mr Fry is a comedian/actor with even more Twitter followers than Mr Serafinawicz, this will ensure that it hits the top of the viral charts quicker than Theo Walcott running onto a through ball inside a Barcelona fullback.

Apparently confused record labels are now desperate for more genre-busting ideas and band/comedian teamups to tear up the online environment, and Promo News has been assigned to pass on any reasonable suggestions. Sticking The Saturdays in a Rube Goldberg contraption for three months is already being considered. Go to it people!

David Knight - 1st Apr 2010

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