David Knight - 29th Mar 2010

Following the holographic theme (see the Juice Aleem post earlier), this is what is now possible with state-of-the-art hologram technology.

First there was Chris Cairns's brilliant short film Neurosonics Audiomedical Labs, featuring the heads of MCs like Orifice Vulgatron and human beatbox Schlomo being scratched on turntables by the Scratch Perverts.

Now Chris has teamed up with holographic projection experts Musion to recreate Neurosonics Audiomedical as a live performance featuring holographic turntables and drumkit - and the head of Beardyman. This is a live footage from the initial test performance - and it really is real.

Jordan McGarry at Partizan Darkroom assures us that there was no post production at all on this (because we just had to ask to make sure) and more performances are planned. In its way, it's as amazing as Chris's original film.

David Knight - 29th Mar 2010

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