David Knight - 8th Feb 2010

Crowd-sourcing is a phenomenon of the times, but Roel Wouters and his collaborator Jonathan Puckey have come up with a genuinely new and brilliant application. In fact, they have arguably invented an whole new branch of interactivity: the ongoing music video.

Roel and Jonathan's video for Dutch band C-Mon and Kipski's More Is Less is for all intents and purposes, complete. You can certainly watch it, right now. But it also still being continually updated, as more people contribute to it, every hour, via the video's website, www.oneframeoffame.com.

It all began with the band performance - them making various moves and poses in front of a locked-off camera, and then the video being posted with a 'band-only' version. But since then, visitors to the website have been able to contribute to the video. They are shown a key frame of one of the band in a certain pose, then they match the pose, lining up the key frame with the live image on their webcams, and take the shot. Then they can upload their efforts to the website. These images are then added to the video, by the real team administering the website, every hour.

At time of writing over nearly 12,000 pics have been taken, by nearly that many people. You can check out the latest additions as well as some of the band and the filmmakers' favourite contributions, and the current version of the promo, at oneframoffame.com.

And there's also a short retelling of the Greek myth of Narcissus and Echo - which Roel and Jonathan have now given ultra-modern resonance - up there too. A great idea, brilliantly achieved - and there's still time to add your own Echo.

David Knight - 8th Feb 2010

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