David Knight - 18th Nov 2009

Gobsmacking celebration of a remarkable expression of female-ness by new four-man directing collective called TASH, who have just signed to Flynn Productions.

TASH - that's Dom Bridges, David Petch, Dan Maclagan and Raul Caldeira - have embraced the world of female bodybuilding, with spectacular results, for Goodshoes' Under Control.

TASH recently won the 2009 Smoke & Mirrors 48 Hour Film Challenge with The Norm, their first collective venture. They won over Goodshoes with an edit created from existing footage, then after some unsuccessful casting sessions the boys found their subjects by meeting them on their terms: they attended a female bodybuilding competition and persuaded them to take part in the video.

The TASH collective say: "With such a good track the temptation to go overboard on our first video was immense. Each of us had so many ideas but we just had to go with what felt right - one tiny edit to a precise movement now called the 'chicken wing thing'.
"The girls were fantastic and had a lot of fun enjoying playing up to the cameras. It was a fun day and all for a thousand pounds!"

David Knight - 18th Nov 2009

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