David Knight - 10th Nov 2009

Dougal, Lorraine and Lucy will set out from the Stop Climate Chaos demonstration in London on Saturday December 5th, and plan to arrive in Copenhagen seven days later, in time to attend the UN Climate Change Conference rally that happens towards the end of the seven-day Summit.

"We decided to try and raise cash for two charities - one which does sustainable stuff 'on the ground', and one which campaigns against the cause of climate change," Dougal explains.

Friends of the Earth are committed to the conservation, protection and improvement of the environment, and are campaigning to persuade governments, councils, businesses and individuals to reduce their CO2 emissions - "vital if we are to prevent runaway climate change," Dougal points out - while Re~Cycle: Bicycle Aid For Africa's mission is to collect secondhand bicycles and ship them to Africa, then distributing bikes and teach riders the skills to repair and maintain them. Their bikes also help health/AIDS workers reach remote villages and even provide an ambulance service in remote Namibia.

To support Dougal, Lorraine and Lucy on their Carbon Cycle, you can donate to Friends of the Earth here, and for donations to Re-Cycle: Bicycle Aid For Africa the website is here.

You can also join the Facebook group for The Carbon Cycle, to offer support and find out more about Dougal, Lorraine and Lucy's bike ride to the UN Copenhagen Climate Summit here.

David Knight - 10th Nov 2009

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