David Knight - 7th Oct 2009

The 17th Raindance Film Festival currently happening in London will see the premiere of Brendan McNamee's debut feature Miles Away on Friday at the Apollo Cinema at 9.15pm.

Written, produced and directed by Brendan, Miles Away tells the story of two Eighties gangsters determined to bury their loot and lie low, who find themselves taking a surreal diversion into mysticism, Ancient Greek theatre and beyond. The Raindance Festival programme says: "Maybe if David Lynch had remade The Wicker Man it would look something like this."

"It has been a lot of long weekends, late week nights and many, many terabytes in my life," he says. "It is finally finished and debuting at the Raindance festival in my hometown. It's a very low budget film with a fantastical aesthetic, and I'm immensely proud to have finished it. The film was self-financed and before I shot a single foot of film I knew I would never again have such creative freedom, fun and difficulty in making a feature."

David Knight - 7th Oct 2009

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