David Knight - 26th June 2009

It's no exaggeration to say she leaves a legacy of work including nothing less than some of the greatest videos ever made - for the likes of Massive Attack, The Verve, and in particular the Chemical Brothers, for whom she has commissioned every one of their videos. Carole's contribution to British music videos has been huge.

She says: "It's very sad to go in loads of ways, but also, I'm very excited about whatever the next chapter will bring."

And she is very much still contactable - at carolebf@gmail.com.

So here, in her own words, are her own all-time-favourite commissions - including, as previously mentioned, some of the best ever...

All the very best Carole...

CBF: "For the second Spice Girls single, and because the first single had been such an instant hit, that the pressure was on to ensure this video really took it up a notch, which I think Vaughn did really well. All I remember about that shoot was that it was bloody hot in the desert and Victoria practically melted in that PVC cat suit!"


"This was one of those very much `back in the day ' videos! Big budget, three day shoot, 35mm, all singing, all dancing... Meat Loaf was charming to everyone, but my main memories of that one was a scene where Meat Loaf sat in a throne that was rigged to make it effortlessly glide across the room, and on the second take, it got caught half way across, throwing Meat out of the chair. He remained motionless for about two minutes, and I remember thinking, 'Oh Gawd, great! This huge shoot, big hit record and we've managed to kill the artist!' My other memory on this was that Michael Bay rocked up in a different car on each consecutive shoot day."


David Knight - 26th June 2009

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