David Knight - 24th Feb 2009

A matter of days after his tale of royal sleaze for Oasis comes another, even more brilliant pop video from WIZ.

If you can call it a pop video. Radio On-style black and white photography doesn't happen too often in the vids of front-rank pop stars so we should cherish this one, even before we get to Will Young and his superheroic performance. And I'm not just talking about his nice Mr Incredible-style outfit.

Their second collaboration after the Cuba-set courtroom drama for All Time Love in 2006, on one level this could hardly be more different - being shot in Reykjavik in bleak mid-winter. Yet the result is, if anything, even more genuinely emotional. Here's the completely non-sync version. Great work.

? Shown at BUG 12

David Knight - 24th Feb 2009

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