David Knight - 16th Feb 2009


Buxton takes on Baz Luhrmann, the increasingly humanoid Nicole, and unfeasibly muscle-bound Huge Jackman in a musical tribute to the wonder that is Australia.

It's another video spin-off of Adam & Joe's ongoing Song Wars feature on their 6Music radio show - and a brave attempt by Adam to match Joe's awesome Youtube stats for his Quantum of Solace pisstake. That's futile obviously, because its a very unfair world. But no matter - it's a gem. And Baz will quite possibly be seething all the way to his next Chanel ad.

David Knight - 16th Feb 2009

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Wolf and Pig by Takeuchi Taijin

It's just another brain-warpingly complicated, massively time-consuming, but ultimately genius piece of animation - this time from Japanese artist Takeuchi Taijin.

David Knight - 14th May 2009


subject.0017 by Saman Keshavarz

Saman Keshavarz's enigmatic viral ad for Coca-Cola's Burn energy drink exploits his (and his co-writer Nate Eggert's) considerable storytelling skills. It was set-up through The IdeaLists.

David Knight - 23rd Aug 2011

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