David Knight - 10th Dec 2008

As mentioned last week Stuart Lanceley brilliantly homaged - in fact, pretty much totally recreated - Grant Gee's classic video for Radiohead's No Surprises for his entry to Adam & Joe's Video Wars competition - the spin-off of Song Wars, A and J's regular feature on their 6Music radio show. It's great.

http://uk.youtube.com/watchv=sDz4rBV-ACo [/youtube]

And the making of, where his mum stirs the meatballs around the bowl, is lots of fun too. But Stuart's video for The Meatballs Song didn't even win the contest. At BUG 10 Adam showed a brief selection from the 80-odd entries to Video Wars, including another runner-up, from "Chromebaby", parodying the dynamic of A and J's relationship for Adam's song Jane's Brain.


And then here's the grand prize winner, also for Jane's Brain, by Chris Salt, who is quite possibly the foremost exponent in the crowded field of LEGO animation. There's a heap of things at his 'imaginary film company' Oblong Pictures - and here's Chris's winning entry.


And talking of the Song Wars, everyone (well, British people, as they will understand it) needs to hear Joe's splendid 21st century updating of the Antique Roadshow theme.

David Knight - 10th Dec 2008

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