David Knight - 13th Nov 2008

New York-based Asif Mian's work includes videos for The Roots and Russian Futurists and designing a live visual show for MIA. His latest video is the acclaimed, wittily surreal clip for Woodhands' I Wasn't Made For Fighting (see below).

Belarussian Aliaksei Tserakhau reached wide attention for his acclaimed video for Lyapis Trubetskoy's Capital, has since moved from Moscow to Toronto and just won best animated video and the Vimus International Music Video Festival for his latest Lyapis Trubetskoy video, Lights (right).

Spy Films' executive producer Richard Cureton says, "With our new partnership with Y-i, we hope to make the gap between the UK and North America a little bit easier to bridge and would love the opportunity to host our British friends on this side of the pond."

Asif Main on making the video for Woodhands' I Wasn't Made For Fighting

"Taking inspiration from the lyric 'one more time' from the chorus of the song, the idea became about repeating the events of a day and subsequently having the guys find out that they can manipulate the (time-frozen) people they are encountering again.

"This led to a host of ideas, situations and visually abstracted scenes that kept escalating this idea of frozen, manipulated time. Simply, I thought I could make exciting images using this concept/story.

"As usual, I like mostly everything in-camera, so a lot of rigging with fishing line, wire, hairspray and custom-made stands & rigs were used to manipulate people and props. It really was a process of the concept meeting directing actors, consistent lighting, art direction tricks and post refinement in order to create and accentuate this distilled mood."

David Knight - 13th Nov 2008

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