David Knight - 15th Sept 2008

Today is the final day of online voting for the best video and technical achievement awards at the UK Music Video Awards.

So if you are a Jury Member but have yet to vote, please do so today.

Go to the judging platform hosted by Beam TV, and login with your special username and password sent to you by Louise Stevens - and if you've lost those, email Louise at louise@ukmva.com - then watch the videos in the three categories you are judging. Then select your SIX favourite videos in each category - no scoring is necessary.

The most popular selected videos in each category will go on to the shortlist to be judged by specially invited panels next week. So these vote/selections really count.

And after the final round of judging early next week, all the nominations for the UK Music Video Awards 2008 will be announced on Promo News on Thursday, September 25th.

David Knight - 15th Sept 2008

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