David Knight - 11th Aug 2008

There are just a couple more days to submit entries to the Best Video and Technical Achievement categories of the MVAs - the first UK Music Video Awards.

The deadline for entries for the following categories is end of play tomorrow - Tuesday, August 12th at 6pm BST.

Best Dance Video

Best Indie/Alternative Video

Best Pop Video

Best Rock Video

Best Urban Video

Best Budget Video

Best Art Direction in a Video

Best Cinematography in a Video

Best Editing in a Video

Best Styling in a Video

Best Telecine in a Video

Best Visual Effects in a Video

Entry forms for each award can be downloaded from the UK MVAs website, or can be requested by emailing info@ukmva.com.

Among the conditions of entry for specific awards, the Best Budget video award is for any video made for for under GB£2000. Entries for this category, as well as for the genre categories (Best Pop, Best Rock, Best Indie/Alternative, Best Dance and Best Urban) will all automatically qualify to compete for the Video of the Year title.

Also, the Best Visual Effects award includes in-camera trickery as well as post production effects, and the Best Styling award - a new award introduced in response to demands in the later years of the CADS - is for excellence in hair, makeup or wardrobe styling.

For further information about submitting entries contact Louise Stevens on +44 (0)20 8968 7766 or email her at louise@ukmva.com.

David Knight - 11th Aug 2008

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