David Knight - 8th Apr 2008

A young fellow in skinny jeans arrived at my front door yesterday with a large box of Krispy Kreme donuts. Now believe it or not that doesn't happen every day.

What had I done to deserve these tempting treats on a brisk Monday morning (and so well timed, as I was just making this week's pot of coffee)

Well, it was the sign to tell me that the brand new Flynn Productions website and new company branding had arrived. And as I tucked into a delicious ring donut with sugar icing that was to have a ruinous effect on my digestion for the rest of the day, I duly 'logged on' to check out the new Flynn new website, with its brand new logo, and sophisticated, understated look (there's lots of black).

So there you go. Not to say that bribery works or anything - but, mmmmmm, donuts...

David Knight - 8th Apr 2008

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