David Knight - 19th Mar 2008

Who says the CADS are no more

Despite rumours to the contrary, it's definitely premature to mourn that great British music video institution, the CAD Awards.

An email sent out today by Steve Davies of the British Music Video Producers Association to its members states that the CADS will not take place this year.

But this is wrong. Every effort will be made so that the CADS will take place this year. Even if doesn't happen to be called the CADS.

Plans are afoot to produce another unforgettable awards night of the year for British (and world) music videos - including proper awards, honouring excellence in music video creativity for individuals and the videos themselves. And, of course, a bloody great party afterwards, just like always.

So keep the faith - and watch this space. The CADS lives - whatever it happens to be called.

David Knight - 19th Mar 2008

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