David Knight - 31st Jan 2008

Tonight's the night. BUG returns with more outstanding work in music videos at the BFI Southbank in London this evening, hosted by Adam Buxton.

Firstly, after an exceptionally prolific and creative last 12 months, Phil Sansom and Olly Williams - aka Diamond Dogs - will be joining Adam on stage to discuss their work, their mission to entertain, and present some gems from their collection.

Other things to look out for Lots, of course - including a "megamix" of all four specially-created title sequences from the first four BUG shows, directed by Model Robot - who also create every bug-creature for each BUG flyer.
Unfortunately no more tickets are available for tonight's BUG, as it's completely sold out. But there will be features on several of the videos featured at BUG 05 over the next few days on PromoNews - and more details will be had on the BUG website.

David Knight - 31st Jan 2008

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