David Knight - 9th May 2016

Ewan Jones Morris and Casey Raymond's latest video is all about a schoolboy with anger management issues. When the accident-prone kid (Marcel Zielonka) gets the piano lid slammed on his fingers, or tips paint on his school project, or drops his precious doughnut in a puddle, he 'does a Hulk', transforming into this big, angry, very destructive strongman (the aptly-named Lorenzo Tank). 

It's a hoot, and we had a quick chat with Ewan about it...

Is this what happens when Casey knocks over the paint?

Casey is pretty relaxed about paint flying everywhere, but the doughnut scene is inspired by actual events. 

As a child I once slammed a door so hard that part of my bedroom ceiling fell down. I think I was also prone to flipping Monopoly boards when things weren't going my way, or so my family like to remind me.

"The doughnut scene is inspired by actual events."

How many perfectly good musical instruments were destroyed making this?

It's sad about the musical instruments. We told Lorenzo to go easy on them but he promptly turned them to dust once we started rolling. But there are too many musicians anyway, right?

He cut his finger on the trumpet if that's any consolation. We had to pause filming while someone got him a plaster.

Is the big guy really called Lorenzo Tank?

When Lorenzo Tank asks to be credited as Lorenzo Tank, that's what happens.

Will you now be making the next Avengers movie?

If the Russo brothers want to hand over reins, we're ready to accept. Admittedly I had to Google who was directing the next Avengers movie.

David Knight - 9th May 2016

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