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The Questionnaire: Saman Kesh

The Questionnaire: Saman Kesh

David Knight - 11th Aug 2014

The director now known as Saman Kesh (formerly known as Keshavarz) has been making kick-ass music videos since his 2009, for the likes of Russ Chimes, !!!, dEUS, Calvin Harris, Vitalic, Placebo and most recently Basement Jaxx, plus a much-admired short film Controller. And when Saman completed the Questionnaire, we also discovered this ebullient twentysomething LA resident also turns out to be a Jedi.  

Education: I went to school at Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, from 2007 - 2010. Now I'm in debt.

Previous occupations: Liar, expelled student, computer misfit, Best Buy geek squad

Favourite music video of the past 12 months? Gessafelstein 'Pursuit' - I lost to them last UKMVA ... Well deserved.

Favourite video of all time? Daft Punk 'Da Funk' 

Favourite publications/websites: Kotaku – a true Jedi's source of gaming news.

Favourite food/restaurant: Dimsum – a true Jedi's source of nutrition.

Favourite drink/drug: Anything with sugar that masks the taste of alcohol. 

Last movie you saw (and was it any good)? 22 Jump Street. I wasn't ashamed of watching it when I walked not bad, right?

"My first music video job, I was fired as a cable wrangler because I couldn't keep the wires from knotting. #fail" 

Favourite directors: This answer changes based on the seasons, but right now they are: Fellini, Kubrick, and Scorsese. 

Last gig you went to (and was it any good)? Basement Jaxx in LA. Lots of sweaty humans, and got to hang out with Simon & Felix. Those guys still got it!!!

Favourite bands/artists: This answer also changes based on the seasons of mood, but right now they are: Blood Orange, Daft Punk, Nils Frahm, Beastie Boys and Tourist. 

Currently reading/favourite book: "How to tell who you are through your Pee" – a book about looking at your pee and figuring yourself out.

What was the first music video you worked on - and what were you doing on that job? A friends' student music video. I was fired as a cable wrangler because I couldn't keep the wires from knotting. #fail

Favourite job of the past 12 months? Placebo 'Loud Like Love' 

What’s the next Big Thing you’re working on? Learning how to clean my apartment' preparing to do a short film with a pretty "Rascally" UK rapper. Planning on chewing each bite of food 20 times as suggested by the Food and Drug Administration. Developing two feature length films back here in LA. Working on taming my ADD

What would most improve your life? Calming down, not frightening my peers with too much enthusiasm.

Best moment, or fondest memory, of your career thus far? Finishing on schedule. Only happened once.

Worst moment? The video above got shelved. lol

Biggest frustration? Getting a Twerking robot to properly shake it's ass. Puppeteering ftw!

Person you most admire? My dad. He's the sweetest rockstar I know.

Your favourite (or most overused) phrase? Depends on the season, but right now they are: 

"...more Kubrickian."

"...make it so."

"...not enough Juxtaposition"

What advice would you give to someone starting out in music video production? "Don't have too much to live for!" Lol.

If they choose to, then they should strive to be the toughest nice person they could possibly be. If people don't like you, you won't make anything. And if you can't loop a song a hundred times, then you shouldn't do a video for it ;) 



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David Knight - 11th Aug 2014


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