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Wzrd Yoshi 'De Nada' by XIPHI

New directing duo XIPHI - that's Melody Maker and Lauren Van Veen – have created an atmospheric showcase for Wzrd Yoshi's De Nada, set in a flat in a London tower block of a dystopian near-future that's been turned into a drugs factory.

Take That 'Giants' by Mat Whitecross

Mat Whitecross directs an abstract performance for Take That.

Featuring a mass of projections illuminating a dark space, the band perform in front of a gathering of screens, sometimes blending into the visuals and sometimes contrasting them. The end result is an incredibly striking aesthetic work, with lens flares aplenty.

Bebe Rexha Ft. G-Eazy 'F.F.F.' by Emil Nava

Bebe Rexha and G-Eazy deliver this cool and edgy performance piece for Fuck Fake Friends, directed by Emil Nava.

Shot in Amsterdam, the video sees the pair making their way around a deserted location– shot on '2perf' 35mm film by DoP Patrick Meller to add visual richness to Nava's stylised piece.

Sälen 'Heartbreak Diet' by Lily Rose Thomas

Lily Rose Thomas depicts London synthpop trio Sälen as suburbanites with a taste for Eighties glitz - but telltale signs of blood-smeared fingers hint at their grisly secret.

It's a macabre twist that suits the hard-as-flint message of their track Heartbreak Diet.

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