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Amber Mark 'Monsoon' by Joe Alexander

Amber Mark takes an emotional journey through India in this beautiful, heartfelt clip by Joe Alexander.

Dedicated to Mark's late mother, the video follows her as she travels through India, much like she did with her mother some years previous. The result is a beautiful, candid celebration of family and culture mixed with some opportunistic performance.

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Strand Of Oaks 'Everything' by Chad VanGaalen

The one and only Chad Van Gaalen does it again with another pure burst of tripped-out freakery for Strand Of Oaks.

And this one is not only amazing and amusing, it happens to be a salutary tale about the dangers of letting super-insect juice invade your central nervous system. If you have a problem with spiders, look away now...    

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Elton John 'Tiny Dancer' by Max Weiland

Max Weiland's competition-winning clip for Elton John is a gorgeous love letter to LA.

A woman drives to scatter some ashes, whilst another drives for the joy of being in the city at night. A parking attendant takes an expensive car for a spin and a group of young girls live it up in a limo on the strip. Also, Marilyn Manson(!) shows up in surprising, out-of-persona cameo.

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