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Stargate ft Sia & Pink 'Waterfall' by Malia James

On the basis that getting Sia and Pink performing on camera together is a non-starter - well, Sia on camera these days is a non-starter - Malia James opts for the spectacular with two talented aerial acrobats engaging in a spot of indoor skydiving inside a remarkable lip-up 'flight' chamber, where they float in the air with the force of the updraft.

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Gorillaz ft Popcaan 'Saturnz Barz (Spirit House)' by Jamie Hewlett

Well, what a treat this is. Gorillaz are back and so, of course, is Jamie Hewlett's wonderful cartoon version of the band. Murdoc, 2D, Noodle and Russel are at once familiar, but Hewlett never lets things stay entirely the same. There's always a slight variation on what's gone before - and this in this case he's managed to go both forward and back.

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The Shins 'Name For You (Flipped)' by Zaiba Jabbar

Songs from The Shins' new album Heartworms have been 'flipped' - in other words, given alternate treatments to the ones found on the album. And Zaiba Jabbar has made the video for the flipped version of lead-off single Name For You with Trace Lysette, charismatic transgender star of Amazon's award-winning series Transparent

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