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AKA George 'Manic Machine' by Tom Ewbank

AKA George shows he can rock with Manic Machine. And he can also do the near-impossible and rock a portable mobility scooter, with the help of his manager's 80s year old mother, in Tom Ewbank's endearing video.

It's quite a change from Ewbank's last music video outing, a gripping psycho-drama for Jordan Rakei. But as with that one, he was pretty much a one-man crew.

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Pale Waves 'Heavenly ' by Adam Powell

Pale Waves's Heather is part-puppet, part-human, very Scissorhands, and a really quite Robert Smith, in Adam Powell's video for Heavenly.

It's a minimalistic and graphically powerful set-up, with Heather animated via the cables attached to her bodysuit by a great unseen puppet-master (or mistress).

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Courtney Barnett 'Need A Little Time' by Danny Cohen

Courtney Barnett explores the universe with a little help from some stylish pointy-faced aliens - the sort you'd find in an episode of Star Trek directed by St. Vincent - in her latest collaboration with Danny Cohen, who directed the videos for Barnett's recent team-up project with Kurt Vile.

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Naked Lunch 'Anemonia' by George Papazov

Two men get to know each other during a night out in Moscow - one taking the other on an eventful tour of the city before he returns home the next morning – in George Papazov's noir-ish tale for Russian rock outfit Naked Lunch.

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Arcade Fire 'Money+Love' by David Wilson

David Wilson's long-awaited mega-video for Arcade Fire is a double-sided beauty as contrasting as it's title, Money + Love.

First comes the Black Mirror-esque satire for Put Your Money On Me, where the band are sold ino recod company slavery, with Toni Collette as the ice-hearted label exec, who makes them play a product-endorsing show at a casino.

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Nathan R. Smith joins Kode Media

American director Nathan R. Smith, director of videos for DRAM and Lil Yachty, Joey Bada$$, T-Pain, Erykah Badu and other leading artists, has joined Kode Media for UK music video representation.

Hailing from Washington DC, Smith (above) starting forming relationships with up-and-coming artists Goldlink, DRAM, Mick Jenkins and Joey Bada$$ after graduating from film school.

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