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Kodaline 'Ready To Change' by Stevie Russell

Stevie Russell's gets back to together with Kodaline - this is his sixth video for the band – and once again he provides us with a hero we can all root for.

He's a zookeeper with a problem - he'll only talk to animals, not humans. Can the new girl at the zoo bring him out of his shell? Not if his arrogant love rival from the lion's enclosure has anything to do with it.

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UK Music Video Awards 2017: The Technical Achievement nominations in full

Here are full details of the nominations for the Technical Achievement categories at the UK Music Video Awards 2017 – including director, production, commissioner and label credit information. Credit info on the nominations on more categories at this year’s UK Music Video Awards coming shortly. Check out the full list of nominations.

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Police Dog Hogan 'Devon Brigade' by Arthur Studholme

The new video for Police Dog Hogan's Devon Brigade is a real family affair – appropriately so, considering story behind the song.

It revolves around the life of Paul Studholme, great uncle of PDF singer (and Blink Films MD) James Studholme, who was killed at the third battle of Ypres, better known as Paschendaele, at the age of 19 on 4th October 1917.

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Dead Naked Hippies 'I Wanna Know Ya' by James Arden

With a blood-stained body thrown in the trunk (okay, boot) of their car, Dead Naked Hippies go for a little drive, in James Arden's video for I Wanna Know Ya.

With suitably stark blue-tinged performance footage, they race through the city at night, to destination unknown. They might just get away with murder... 

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