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Kid Kapichi 'Waster' by James Green

The central character of the video for South East England fourpiece Kid Kapichi's Waster is a real piece of work. And all his bad behaviour in this punchy directing debut by James Green builds to a dark payoff.  

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Patta X Ray Fuego X Idaly 'NNS' by Emmanuel Adjei

Emmanuel Adjei returns after his video for Mark Pritchard with a new project for Patta Amsterdam that fuses a concept-based performance video with a branded content showcasing a new clothing collaboration.

With the performances set in a life drawing class, we see various individuals interpretations, somewhat darkly inspired by Gulliver's Travels.


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P!nk 'What About Us' by Georgia Hudson

Georgia Hudson makes her biggest splash yet on the international stage with the epic and powerful new video for P!nk.

Combining an emotional narrative, explosive raw performance, colour, fashion, and dance, What About Us is a video that feels as big as the song, while also leaving room for moments of intimacy and emotional depth.

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