Most Viewed Videos on Vimeo in 2016 - as featured on Promonews

Most Viewed Videos on Vimeo in 2016 - as featured on Promonews

So here we are now in 2017. But having stumbled in the stats cupboard and had a look at the YouTube viewing figures for videos we featured last year, we've now rummaged a bit more and come up with this - the most viewed videos on Vimeo in 2016 (as featured on Promonews, that is).

Not surprisingly, it's a very different sort of list from the YouTube one, and of course, nothing like the same scale of views. But there is a wonderully broad range of work here - with a combination of the most acclaimed videos of the year together with some lesser known gems. Perhaps even the No1 video of the year, the beautiful CGI animated video for the Jane Bordeaux Band by Israeli director Uri Lotan falls into that category, even though its way out in front on 1.7 million views.

It also shows that, in Die Antwoord crashing the chart at No. 3 for a video released only a few weeks ago, that they still wield impressive viral power - especially for a video as dark and disturbing as this one. It all adds up to an eclectic list, which is itself a tribute to the outstanding video service that is Vimeo, and its filmmaking community.

1  Jane Bordeaux Band 'Ma’agalim' by Uri Lotan 1,729,301
2  Hiérophante 'Clichés' by Hiérophante 1,145,698
3  Die Antwoord 'Fat Faded Fuck Face' by Yolandi Visser 789,843
4  Alexandre Chatelard 'Lenny Kravitz' by Allen & Smithee 540,583
5  DJ Shadow & Run The Jewels 'Nobody Speak' by Sam Pilling 504,358
6  Lorn 'Anvil' by Hélène Jeudy & Antoine Caëcke 455,652
7  MK 'Piece Of Me' by Carlos Lopez Estrada 320,071
8  Charlotte Cardin ft. Husser 'Like It Doesn't Hurt' by Kristof Brandl 314,571
9  Pekko 'Hunger' by Anton Tammi 289,348
10 DJ Fresh & High Contrast ft. Dizzee Rascal 'How Love Begins' by Scott Cudmore 260,893
11 Selah Sue 'Always Home (Sörry Remix)' by Filip Sterckx 255,385
12 Odesza ft Zyra 'It's Only' by Dan Brown 221,457
13 Cass Mccombs 'Medusa’s Outhouse' by Aaron Brown 168,047
14 James Vincent Mcmorrow 'Rising Water' by David M. Helman 161,599
15 Jono McCleery 'This Idea Of Us' by Geej Ower 135,014
16 Millington 'Being' by Josh Thomas & Darcy Prendergast 126,875
17 Harrison ft. Clairmont The Second 'It’s Okay I Promise' by Scott Cudmore 118,648
18 Selah Sue 'Fear Nothing' by Isaac Ravishankara 112,421
19 Zedd 'Paper Cut (grey Remix)' by Golden Wolf 108,262
20 Tesla Boy 'Nothing' by Ryan Patrick 99,673



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