BUG 36 - the videos

BUG 36 took place at BFI Southbank on Weds 27th March at 8.45pm, with the Director's Cut shows on Thurs 28th at 6.30pm and 8.45pm.

As well as the usual round-up of the most creative new work in the world of music videos, at the first show Adam Buxton welcomed a very special guest - Patrick Daughters.

Patrick has been one of the top directors working in the medium for the past decade, and after a long wait, and a few near-misses, we finally persuaded him to come to BUG to talk about his body of work (including videos for Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Feist, Depeche Mode and many more) and also show his surprising new video - a celebration of high melodrama of South Korean TV soap operas - for Phoenix's Entertainment.

What's more the show featured Keith Schofield's hilarious video for Darwin Deez, another team-up of Thom Yorke, Garth Jennings and Wayne Macgregor for Atoms For Peace, Becky & Joe's adult puppet show for Unknown Mortal Orchestra, and Ilya Naishuller's awesome first person shoot em up for Biting Elbows...



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