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Ady Suleiman 'So Lost' by Michael Holyk

Michael Holyk delivers this beautifully executed promo for emerging artist Ady Suleiman with some impressive post techniques - taking the viewer through perception-altering zoom shots to get from one scene to the next. Excellent.

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Fekky 'Ain't Nobody' by James Barber

James Barber delivers a fierce and frenetic performance video for Island Record's artist, Fekky.
The video was filmed on location, in and around the deep, dark tunnels of the historic 19th Century Fort Borstal in Kent.

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Sigma ft Labrinth 'Higher' by De La Muerte

Filmed on location in the stunning mountainous vistas of Innsbruck in sub-freezing temperatures, with some superb photography courtesy of DoP Luke Jacobs, De La Muerte - that's directing duo Debbie Scanlan and Liz Adams - have made arguably their most ambitious and certainly most adventurous promo yet for Sigma and Labrinth's Higher. 

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Keita Juma ft Brendan Philip 'Come Over' by Sammy Rawal

Director Sammy Rawal hosts a late-night party amongst the undergrowth on a deserted beach in his inspired promo for Come Over.

With an odd and eerie feel throughout, Rawal turns the party into something extraordinary through editorial effects and creative compositing...

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Hervé ft. Knytro 'Money Where Your Mouth Is' by WVLFCVB

WVLFCVB (pronounced 'Wolf Cub') has directed the video for Hervé's Money Where Your Mouth Is as a colour-coded two-hander featuring singer Knytro and dancer Wing Yue, who takes on different guises in three scenes connected by inventive transitions - mostly through Knytro and Wing's mouths... 

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Childish Gambino 'Telegraph Avenue' by Hiro Murai

Hiro Murai takes us on a beautiful journey in his promo for Telegraph Avenue by Childish Gambino. The trip - along scenic winding roads, lush forests and crashing waves on idyllic beaches - takes an incredibly unexpected twist in the final segment...

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Jagga 'Love The Pain' by Dominic O'Riordan

In keeping with the song's title, Dominic O'Riordan's video for Jagga's Love The Pain embraces the world of S&M, with stylishly-shot imagery of rubber-clad girls and bondage accompanying Jagga's performance. Steamy stuff, achieved on a modest budget. Dominic definitely used his prior experience making ads for Ann Summers, among others. 

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Wretch 32 '6 Words' by Carly Cussen

Carly Cussen headed to the Kent coast to shoot an intoxicating promo for Wretch 32's 6 Words, making the most of the British Indian summer in Dungeness to make something rather beautiful and poetic...

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