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Gojira 'The Cell' by Drew Cox

Awesome piledriving visuals for Grammy-nominated French heavy metal outfit Gojira - with performance footage shot on a thermal camera - by Drew Cox, who directed, shot and edited the piece over a few days during the band's recent UK tour. The intensity, and broad variety of imagery, reflects both his and the band's state having suffered deep personal loss. 

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Blondie 'Fun' by Dikayl Rimmasch

Blondie are back, releasing their song Fun from their upcoming album Pollinator, with Debbie Harry looking stunning, and a colourful, psychedelia-tinged narrative by NYC-based director Dikayl Rimmasch.

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Creeper 'Black Rain' by Jamie Carter

Following the first part released before Christmas, Jamie Carter has now delivered the second in a trilogy of videos for British punk outfit Creeper, played alongside their track Black Rain.

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The Sherlocks 'Was It Really Worth It?' by Aella Jordan-Edge

Aella Jordan-Edge has delivered this entertaining video for The Sherlocks' track Was It Really Worth It? about the lengths one will go to impress someone. 

The video opens at the beginning of the end, following a nascent relationship that is already fraught with tension because of a large age gap between the two lovers. 

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Mallory Knox 'Better Off Without You' by That Jam

English five-piece Mallory Knox have received an impressively visceral video for Better Off Without You by That Jam. And thanks to the work of DoP Matt Vahey, the video's photographic treatment is remarkably dynamic, suitably dismal in tone and beautifully varied in texture. 

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