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Jennifer Hudson 'Remember Me' by Emil Nava

Emil Nava keeps up his track record of delivering slick, visually rich pop performance videos with an edge.

This clip for Jennifer Hudson is awash with electric blue light that drenches the vast, dilapidated space that Hudson performs in. Cutting between this sparse, striking visual and footage of Hudson making her way through a crowded rave is a great contrast.

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Le Galaxie 'Pleasure' by Sam E. H. Hooper

Sam E. H. Hooper's directorial debut for Le Galaxie is a very cool piece of minimalist sci-fi.

Occupying an ominous black room, two protagonists wired into various machinery unplug themselves in order to connect with one another, and as they do the almost monochromatic space in which they occupy becomes considerably more colourful.

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Paradisia 'Warpaint' by Silent Tapes

Silent Tapes summon a woodland performance video for Paradisia.

A crowd of women, in identical garments, wander in formation through an eerie, sun-soaked woodland. As more women join the crowd, a fog descends, turns red and begins to envelop them until they're completely swallowed up by the forest. A simple, sinister piece of folk imagery. 

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Halsey 'Now Or Never' by Sing J Lee

After a quiet spell Sing J Lee steps up to the mark again in music videos with a real statement for Halsey. And it's just for starters.

The video for Now Or Never is a blockbuster - a big, cinematic fantasy action thriller with blue-haired Halsey falling for a rival gang member during a turf war of heavily armed kids in a dangerous near-future LA. 

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MiC LOWRY 'Whiskey Kisses' by Sophia Ray

Partizan's newest director Sophia Ray gets off to a effervescent start by letting British boyband MiC LOWRY off the leash in Los Angeles.

It starts in the aftermath of a wild party, with guests passed-out on the floor, before the boys inject some real energy into proceedings, starting the party again and driving around LA. 

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Tom Grennan 'Praying' by Nick Bartleet

Having had a beer and left the tap running in his flat, Tom Grennan sets off, running through the streets of London. Where's he heading?

Nick Bartleet's video for Praying keeps us guessing...

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