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Point Point 'Life In Grey' by Jodeb

Canadian filmmaker Jonathan Desbiens aka Jodeb has directed this intense, increasingly disturbing short film and music video for French producer Point Point's Life In Grey. 

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Jonas Blue Ft. Dakota 'Fast Car' by Adam Newport-Berra

Cinematographer Adam Newton-Berra has directed this beautifully shot Wild West love story between a biker girl and a cowboy in this dreamy cover of Tracy Chapman’s 1988 hit song Fast Car by London-based producer Jonas Blue, featuring vocals by Dakota. 

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Purity Ring 'heartsigh' by Cecil Frena and Alex Fischer

Cecil Frena and Alex Fischer's video for Purity Ring's heartsigh is a performance video with an extra little bit of magic thrown in.

Employing the stage lighting design of the band's latest tour, we witness Purity Ring's otherworldly gig atmosphere, where Corin Roddick plays glowing crystals and singer Megan James is lit up by strobe lights while suspended in the air.

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Chet Faker & Marcus Marr 'The Trouble With Us' by Kinopravda

Kinopravda take us through the stages of a relationship in this chic, pleasantly choreographed video for Chet Faker & Marcus Marr's track The Trouble With Us, with a series of scenes spanning initial flirtation, amusement, love and ending with frustration and separation.

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Jarryd James 'This Time' by Scratch

Here's a new video from Brisbane singer-songwriter Jarryd James directed by Scratch, a slow-burning look at an emotional reunion of two middle-aged men in the unusual setting of a boxing ring.

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