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Le Galaxie 'Pleasure' by Sam E. H. Hooper

Sam E. H. Hooper's directorial debut for Le Galaxie is a very cool piece of minimalist sci-fi.

Occupying an ominous black room, two protagonists wired into various machinery unplug themselves in order to connect with one another, and as they do the almost monochromatic space in which they occupy becomes considerably more colourful.

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Olsson 'One In A Million' by Filip Nilsson

"We travelled all over South America to find the sexiest man we could find, and we found 'Tico'," says Filip Nilsson, "I teased and teached Tico how to perform in this video for Swedish artist Olsson." 

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Liv Dawson 'Searching' by Stroma Cairns

Stroma Cairns's beautifully executed video for Liv Dawson's track Searching is a guy-meets-girl love story with some naturalistic, fresh-faced performances. 

Beautifully shot by Ruben Woodin-Dechamps, we follow the pair as meet up at the bus stop and spend the day riding around from place to place, dallying on the verge between friends and something more.

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