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Meatraffle 'Brother' by Niall Trask

Niall Trask presents us with a scrappy little no-budget romance for Meatraffle.

Two travelcards and a can of Fosters were all he needed for his performance/narrative surrealist black and white clip, that manages to tell a tale of platonic love between bandmates, even though the members of Meatraffle don't seem to be able to get together for band practice.

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Soulwax 'Do You Want To Get Into Trouble?' by Ill Studio

A teenage boy lives his most hedonistic life in Ill Studio's video for Soulwax.

Getting into trouble is part of what makes adolescence so damn fun, but when you look back with the clarity of time you never quite seem as edgy as you thought you were. (One look at your Facebook posts from four years ago should be an unwelcome reminder of this).

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