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Alt-J '3WW' by Young Replicant

Young Replicant's video for Alt-J is a beautiful death march frozen in time.

The six-minute black & white clip is a moody, poetic journey into the afterlife. Time around the grief-stricken in this small Mexican community slows almost to a standstill as they mourn the loss of a young woman - who is seen alive with her grandmother in the first moments of the piece.  

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James Blake 'My Willing Heart' by Anna Rose Holmer

Natalie Portman stars in James Blake's latest video directed by Anna Rose Holmer. Portman is heavily pregnant in this clip, shot just days before she gave birth, and we watch as she gracefully dives underwater and lies on her bed, contemplating the coming days.

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Actress 'X22RME' by Dan Emmerson

Dan Emmerson collaborates with Actress in the high-fashion dystopian video for X22RME.

The clip follows a figure in a welder's mask as he wanders through a brutalist world of minimalism, sculpture, football pitches and models on pedestals. The finished piece is a haunting exercise in style and communication.

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