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Beck 'Up All Night' by CANADA

A modern Joan of Arc dons her armour to undertake a daunting mission in one of the most hostile and challenging environments known to man - the teenage houseparty. And what could be a more noble cause than rescuing your useless drunken brother from infamy and ridicule? 

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London Grammar 'Non Believer' by Jodeb

Jodeb returns to videos with an awesome cosmic headscratcher for London Grammar.

As workers flee the facility where the energy core has gone into meltdown, one girl heads towards the plant, and jumps into the hole, with an unexpected result. She falls through space and dimensions, and her head fills with a flashback which may suggest what this is all about. On the other hand...

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Thyla 'Pristine Dream' by Riccardo Salvi

Riccardo Salvi breathes new life into an old classic, giving the iconic video for Robert Palmer's Addicted To Love a new twist, in his second video for Thyla.

"I love Thyla’s willingness in not taking themselves too seriously," says Salvi. "And I think that’s what's led us to this second collaboration together."

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Kasabian 'Ill Ray (The King)' by Dan Cadan

Lena Headey (aka evil Cersei Lannister in GoT) gets to play her very own Game of Thrones with evil Richard III (Michael Socha) in Leicester, where Richard was dug up a few years ago, and then reburied, for Kasabian, who are of course from Leicester...

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Freya Ridings 'Maps' by James Fitzgerald

Freya Ridings' cover of Yeah Yeah Yeah's Maps has inspired an emotional visual directed by James Fitzgerald.

When a girl's father storms off, she's left to care for her handicapped brother, her mercy tinged with despair, reflected in the tarnished wings she wears. But is the boy really there at all? 

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Ride 'Cali' by Niall Trask

Ride's Cali sounds like it was on their first album in 1989, but its brand new. And Niall Trask's video captures the mood of the song brilliantly, while also being rather deceptive.

A boy and girl surfer head out to ride big waves in what looks like it could be Southern California. But this was actually shot in Cornwall - on Porthmeir Beach, St. Ives.

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Beck 'Dear Life' (lyric video) by Jimmy Turrell, Laura Gorun & Brook Linder

This fabulous lyric video for Dear Life heralds a long-awaited new Beck album, Colors, out in October.

It's the work of Jimmy Turrell, Laura Gorun and Brook Linder - the latter who creative directed Beck's video for Wow last year, and directed the first Lemon Twigs video.

And there's a new Beck video directed by CANADA to follow this... 


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Neck Deep 'In Bloom' by Lewis Cater

The twin visual themes for Lewis Cater's chirpy performance video for Neck Deep's In Bloom are, unsurprisingly, flowers, and more puzzingly, doughnuts.

And by all accounts a great many were consumed during the shoot. Doughnuts, that is, not flowers. 

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